Animal Influenza, 2nd Edition


Filling a unique niche, Animal Influenza, Second Edition is the only comprehensive text on animal influenza for veterinary medicine.  Organized by species, coverage includes avian, swine, equine, and miscellaneous mammalian species, with each section including empirical data on animal influenza viruses, the infection and disease they cause, and the strategies used in control.

With Avian Influenza, First Edition as its backbone, Animal Influenza offers a major update and expansion of topics for the text.  This new edition features updates throughout with coverage of all aspects of influenza, systematically covering biology, virology, diagnostics, ecology, epidemiology, clinical medicine, and the control.  The book fuses coverage of the latest discoveries in the basic sciences with a practical approach to dealing with the influenza in  individual clinical and population settings and providing instruction and guidance for veterinarians and government animal health officials encountering this disease in the field.  

Written by leading animal health researchers and veterinarians with significant experience working with this disease, Animal Influenza will be an invaluable resource for all veterinarians, scientists, animal health professionals, and public health officials dealing with this virus.

David E. Swayne
Hardcover, 656 pp; H: 10.1in; W: 8.9in; 3.1 lbs
ISBN-13: 9781118907467

Shipped by Wiley Blackwell

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